Homebrew 1.3.9 发布,MacOS 上的包管理器

2017-12-8 10:06 发布者: 大熊猫

Homebrew 是 MacOS 上的套件管理器,Homebrew 会将套件安装到独立目录,并将文件软链接至/usr/local ,所有文件均会被安装到预定义目录下,无需担心 Homebrew 的安装位置。Homebrew 的程式都是简单的 Ruby 脚本,使用 gem 来安装 gems、用 brew 来搞定那些依赖包,使 macOS 更便于使用。

Homebrew 1.3.9 更新内容:

  • Implement linkage for Linux

  • Remove unused writer methods for Hbc.caskroom and Hbc.cache

  • x11_requirement: remove custom minimum version

  • Utils.Popen_read: Nonexistent program should fail

  • config: Print the linked_version [Linux]

  • Fix SystemCommand escaping … again

  • lines_cop: Convert ARGV audit to negative look ahead

  • Fix a test failure when svn is not installed

  • Hardware::CPU: Implement OS-agnostic methods

  • Unify proxy documentation

  • version/null: add to_i method

  • cleaner_spec: have a single "cleans files" test

  • Include SSH_AUTH_SOCK in filtered environment

  • vendor-install: Add ARM bottle for portable-ruby

  • Properly upgrade Casks with version :latest

  • Adding proxy variables to FILTERED_ENV

  • Fix external Cask commands

  • whitelisting additional SentinelOne dylib pattern

  • Whitelist SUDO_ASKPASS environment variable

  • Only show kext caveat on High Sierra or above

  • Fix Utils::Shell.parent

  • Refactor caveats and add kext caveat

  • Implement brew cask upgrade 

  • bin/brew: don't set empty, unfiltered variables

  • Enable environment filtering for developers

  • More environment filtering fixes

  • Allow optionally using Homebrew's curl

  • Cleaner: ELF files are executable on Linux

  • Add CVSRequirement and SubversionRequirement

  • formula_installer: force fewer default formulae

  • setup-analytics: Handle missing /proc/.../uuid

  • lines_cop: Add condition to prevent false positives

  • Fix SystemCommand escaping

  • Change the generic bottle tag to processor-system

  • Installing casks is supported only on macOS

  • Cask doctor: add macOS & Java versions

  • bump-formula-pr: fix for when hub isn't configured